Fil.Pell’s production department is equipped with 5 wooden dyeing drums. The largest one has a load capacity of up to 18/20 ql of shaved leather. The capacity of the other four is gradually lower: there is a drum with maximum load capacity of 14 ql, one with 8/9 ql, one with 6/7 ql, and a drum for small quantities capable of working up to maximum 3 ql.

Fil.Pell macchinari per pelle
macchinari pelle botti

Our company is also equipped with a wooden drum for dyeing of about 100/150 Kg and with two steel drums that can support a maximum load of 40 Kg used for the sampling of articles and specific dyeing requested by our customers.


Fil.Pell has been structured to provide the highest flexibility and the fastest response to the challenges and the requests that the market presents on a daily base.