Our company and the environment

With an eye to the future of the company and also of our planet, Fil.Pell has been equipped with a photovoltaic system, a solar thermal system and with a thermal system run by condensing boilers. These systems have resulted into significant energy savings primarily aimed at protecting the environment and at implementing a sustainable economy.


Photovoltaic system for electricity production characterized by 375 m2 of photovoltaic panels ensuring the production of about 64000 KWh per year.

tetto Fil.Pell con fotovoltaico
Fil.Pell tetto solare termico

Solar Thermal

Paradigma system for the production of hot water from solar energy which covers 114 sqm of collector surface. The peak power of the system is 74 KW with energy production of about 85000 KWh per year which means an estimated gas saving of 9900 m3, equal to about 19500 Kg of carbon dioxide not released in the atmosphere.

Condensing Boilers

Fil.Pell is equipped with 5 condensing boilers in series reaching a total thermal power of 500 KW which work in synergy with the solar thermal system. By replacing the old thermal system with steam boiler, our company has reduced the use of gas by about 30%.


Hot water is accumulated in 3 stainless steel kettles with a capacity of 3000 L each. Incoming water is treated with a water softener with a capacity of 100 m3 per day.