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Heritage & Quality

Our production department is equipped with 5 wooden dyeing drums: the largest one has a load capacity of up to 18/20 quintals of shaved leather. The capacity of the other four is gradually lower: there is a drum with maximum load capacity of 14 quintals, one with 8/9 quintals, one with 6/7 quintals, and a drum for small quantities capable of working up to maximum 3 quintals.

Our company is also equipped with a wooden drum for dyeing of about 100/150 kilograms and with two steel drums that can support a maximum load of 40 kilograms used for the sampling of articles and specific dyeing requested by our customers.

Filpell has been structured to provide the highest flexibility and the fastest response to the challenges and the requests that the market presents on a daily base.

LWG Silver

Leather Working Group (LWG) is a not-for-profit membership organization, working to create meaningful change across the global leather supply chain.

Reach compliance

All our items are produced in compliance with the Reach community regulation.

Filpell quality

The brand identifies all Filpell products that have passed the internal requirements capable of guaranteeing uniformity and accuracy in the work carried out.


We are leaders in the field of technical leathers, where water resistance features are required, in particular for technical and sports footwear. Our laboratory guarantees unique and exclusive waterproofing processes, which make leather naturally water-repellent and with excellent tactile and aesthetic characteristics.

Our know-how allows us to satisfy the most complex and articulated requests, starting from the accident prevention sector, which requires products with extreme resistance to water, scratches and wear.


The leather breathes: the water-resistant process prevents water penetration, allowing air to pass through for complete comfort.


The tanning process makes our leather resistant to scratches and wear, making it suitable for use in sports and technical footwear.


Our special processes make the leather water resistant, while remaining breathable.


We use innovative and rigorous processes to ensure products that are respectful of the environment and the health of individuals.

Filpell Lab: color on request

Filpell Lab was created to make the wealth of knowledge and solutions of our technicians and experts available to customers, designers and stylists. The goal is to offer support to unconventional creativity, challenging inspirations, binding technical requests.

The enhancement of color in particular is placed at the center of all technical research, to create products that combine maximum chromatic liveliness with uniform tanning to perfection.

Filpell Lab is the result of technical expertise that finds its natural reason in tailor-made projects and the most particular creative needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss all the technical characteristics of your new project together.

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