Fil.Pell’s story has lasted for more than thirty years and is based on the commitment, dedication, passion, and attention to detail that make the company today a solid reality in the tannery sector.


By working our production up constantly, our company has developed and optimized various products in the world of suede and finished splits, boasting today a very wide range of articles suitable for multiple applications in the world of footwear, with technical, water-proof, printed and finished products used for safety or trekking shoes, or with velour suitable for fashion footwear, also available in water-proof versions, and with insole articles of excellent technical and quality level.

Fil.Pell storia e fabbrica
scarpe antinfortunistica

Today’s industrial reality leans on the experience and the know-how accumulated over time which are typical of an artisan production company. At the heart of Fil.Pell’s production, the drum tanning produces suede characterized by excellent look and ideal performances for the desired applications.


Beyond the high quality achieved, the company is constantly looking for technical solutions aimed at improving the product and the value for money according to the needs of customers and the demands of the constantly evolving market.