Soft and shiny velour for the production of fashionable footwear or Water-proof Suede, suitable for safety or trekking shoes. The articles we produce are mainly addressed to the footwear, leather goods and clothing industries.


The accumulated experience and the know-how acquired over the years, together with our continuous research aimed at developing and improving our articles, let us meet the specific needs of our customers and create personalized products based on the customers’ requested characteristics.


Our articles are available in the colors shown in our color charts, or in any color requested by the customer after appropriate sampling.


1. Velour Assist (from 08/09 to 10/11): developed on sub-crusts, smooth article with closed and silky hair, soft, no-sagging hand.


2. Velour Bomber (from 08/09 to 10/11): developed on sub-crusts, drummed article with silky hair, soft and gentle hand. Excellent price / quality ratio.


3. Velour Basic (from 10/11 to 14/16): classic article on butts, excellent for fashion footwear, soft, warm, and round hand, never too sagging, high-silky and regular hair.


4. Velour calf Top (from 07/08 to 11/12): article on calves, very soft, silky and shiny, with very closed pore and fine hair. Suitable for quality footwear and clothing.


1. Everest Art. (from 14/16 to 20/22): Suede crust made on butts, characterized by a full and firm hand, well shaved. Ideal for the production of footwear in general and above all of safety shoes. Also available in low-cost version made on half-butts.


2. Rodeo Art. (from 12/14 to 16/18): Suede crust that differs from Everest for its gentler, soft, and round hand. Suitable for leisure footwear and snickers.

Water Proof

1. Jungle Idro Art. (from 14/16 to 20/22): Everest’s Waterproof version. As a result of the know-how accumulated over years of production, the water-proof properties of this article make it fully compliant with the regulations of the safety field and beyond.


2. Alaska Art. (from 11/12 to 18/20): Water-proof drummed article with soft and full hand, never too sagging. Softness can be adjusted as needed. It has regular, closed hair. Ideal for trekking shoes and in general where excellent water sealing and breathability properties are required. Alaska fits the Goretex specifications.

Insole Articles

1. Insole small butts (from 08/09 to 10/11): developed on sub-crusts, compact hand and well-shaved hair.


2. Insole shoulders (from 08/09 to 10/11): high-refined article, with excellent leather look and shaving of hair and defects. Excellent value for money. Its characteristics make it compliant with stringent technical requirements and analytical specifications, even for the most demanding markets.


3. Pigmented printed: classic article, refined and printed (generally in Corrected Grain Leather) usually employed for linings or insoles but also suitable for the production of shoe uppers or parts of them.

Printed, finished and Baycast Articles (Water-proof and Standard)

Fil.Pell can produce a wide range of articles such as printed, Baycast and finished products, both rigid and soft, in several thicknesses from light to heavy. The water-proof version is available for each type of article listed above.


All our articles are produced in compliance with the EU Reach regulation.