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  • Filpell, for those who know about waterproofing.

  • Filpell, for those who know about strenght.

  • Filpell, for those who know about style.

  • Filpell, for those who know about  waterproofing.

  • Filpell, for those who know about strenght.

  • Filpell, for those who know about style.

For each product the right leather.

The search for beauty at the service of functionality, technological workmanship enhanced by artisanal knowledge, technique supported by customization. This is how Filpell works suede, to give it a unique taste.

Filpell, for those who know about waterproofing.


Heritage & Quality

For us, heritage means offering exceptional craftsmanship to give life to every creative vision. Raw materials, technology, knowledge: every day we create high quality products, sharing unique skills in the tanning field with our customers.


We are leaders in the field of technical leathers, where water resistance features are required, in particular for technical and sports footwear. Our know-how allows us to satisfy the most complex and articulated requests, starting from the accident prevention sector, which requires products with extreme resistance to water, scratches and wear.

Color on Request

Our approach is completely customer oriented. The color chart is just a range of possibilities, a starting point to best respond to constantly changing market trends. Quality is the result of a long production tradition, constantly updated in terms of technology, which still offers the attention to detail typical of high Italian craftsmanship.

People behind the technology.

Ever faster, more accurate machines which enable any type of processing to be carried out, with the main component always remaining the same: we, the people.

Latest news

  • Filpell new image, between tradition and innovation.

    Innovative, iconic and future-oriented: Filpell's new visual identity reinterprets the company's history, highlighting a fundamental characteristic: experience. 
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