Fil.Pell’s story has lasted for more than thirty years and is based on the commitment, dedication, passion, and attention to detail that make the company today a solid reality in the tannery sector.


By working our production up constantly, our company has developed and optimized various products in the world of suede and finished splits, boasting today a very wide range of articles suitable for multiple applications in the world of footwear, with technical, water-proof, printed and finished products used for safety or trekking shoes, or with velour suitable for fashion footwear, also available in water-proof versions, and with insole articles of excellent technical and quality level.

Fil.Pell fabbrica
Our company and the environment

With an eye to the future of the company and also of our planet, Fil.Pell has been equipped with a photovoltaic system, a solar thermal system and with a thermal system run by condensing boilers. These systems have resulted into significant energy savings primarily aimed at protecting the environment and at implementing a sustainable economy.

icona fotovoltaico


icona solare

Solar Thermal

icona caldaie

Condensing Boilers

Fil.Pell macchinari

Fil.Pell’s production department is equipped with 5 wooden dyeing drums. The largest one has a load capacity of up to 18/20 ql of shaved leather. The capacity of the other four is gradually lower: there is a drum with maximum load capacity of 14 ql, one with 8/9 ql, one with 6/7 ql, and a drum for small quantities capable of working up to maximum 3 ql.


Fil.Pell has been structured to provide the highest flexibility and the fastest response to the challenges and the requests that the market presents on a daily base.